Perfect for trenchless renovation of the sewage system

GRPanel® panels for trenchless sewerage rehabilitation with circular and non-circular shapes

GRPanel® Quality features:


Twice as light as comparable products – easier installation!

For example:

Diameter GRPanel® Comparable product
2 000 / 2 200 mm 625 kg 1 412 kg

Ribbed walls made from pure laminate. Chemically and abrasive resistant inner layer. High abrasion resistance confirmed by the Darmstadt test

Solid wall structure without quartz sand filling, panel wall is reinforced by glassfiber. Also unusual cross-section panels are made in one piece. Ribbed wall ensures better panel positioning in an old channel and more optical load transfer.

GRPanel® wall structure

GRPanel® wall structure

Available shapes of GRPanel®

All panels are manufactured in standard lengths of 1, 2, or 3 meters.

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Manufacturer Marplast Sp.z.o.o. Poland

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