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Jukka Huusko

Jukka Huusko started his career in the plastic pipe industry 1991 at the Uponor headquarters in Espoo. From the mid 90’s onwards Jukka concentrated on leading and developing the No-Dig renovation business area for Uponor. Jukka had an active role in developing some of the most famous renovation products. Eg. in the Omega-Liner, today owned by Aarsleff, Jukkas influence can still be seen both in the colour of the pipe and the name itself. Jukka has a wide contact network among the international no-dig companies and organizations, as well as the plastic pipe industry, thanks to his 25 years of experience in the branch. In addition to Europe Jukka Huusko has also worked in Japan and Singapore.


NRG Nordic Renovation Group Ltd (NRG) was founded in the Autumn of 2005, in connection with the trade of the No-Dig Solutions business of Uponor. In the transaction the entire staff of No-Dig Solutions, their Finnish installation business, as well as the global sales and marketing of Uponor’s no-dig products were transferred to NRG. The operations were re-organized in the Spring 2011 and since then NRG International Ltd Oy concentrated as a separate company on selling the selected products both in Finland and abroad. NRG Finland Ltd was founded 2012 and is specialized in importing high-quality piping products from Europe to the Finnish market.

Hanna Huusko

Before joining the plastic pipe industry late 2010 Hanna worked several years in listed companies having responsibilities in business intelligence and sales&marketing including brand management, mainly in paper industry and engineering companies. The plastic pipes have always been a part of Hannas life. Uponor was established early 80’s and Hannas father, Heimo Eloranta, was the managing director of Uponor in those days. Following Heimos vision Uponor started to grow fast and become the big international manufacturer that it is now. Hanna wrote her Master’s Thesis at the University of Vaasa from the plastics recycling in 1992 – based on her background following the international plastic pipe industry and its product development is very natural, and most interesting for her.

NRGs mission is to actively participate to secure and develop our society’s water supply sector. We do this by selling high quality and environmentally friendly products to be used in water and waste water sector – both in new installations and renovation, and by taking part in the public discussion related to these topics, and providing consulting and training service in the branch.

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We respect our customers! We always try to find the most suitable and secure product with long life time for our customers. We hope that our customers can sense our caring and professional service attitude.